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Culture defines our identity.

We have established the Foundation so that our activities have greater causative power, because together we can do more. Art is alive! It is only necessary to find its best manifestations and get out of excess. It is necessary to break through superficiality, which is synonymous with intellectual absence. Because any reality can be changed through thinking, curiosity and cooperation. We need truth and closeness, diligent work and courage, which is manifested in deeds. It is worth it, because culture is what we will leave behind for the next generations.

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We have been traveling for years. We set out into the world to take a closer look at it. Stop in the frames of the photograph, write in words. To experience life. Without a permanent address, with suitcases, a camera, a laptop and a dog – we wander around museums and galleries, organize exhibitions, bring old, neglected buildings back to life. We live in the artists' studios, we look at what they do and we listen to what they are talking about. We oppose thoughtlessness by redefining our imaginations and making an effort to find value. We know that true art is not about breaking away from the world, about escaping from it. Art, the one we admire and want to share – is a precisely asked question that goes to the heart of every problematic answer.



The Heroine's Journey